ONAROLL curated by John Vella for the Plimsoll Gallery

University of Tasmania, School of Art 2009.

Two RPM was collaboration with Lucia Usmiani.


150 rolls of toilet paper

Fiona Lee and Lucia Usmiani



Some time in May 2008



FL: Toilet paper? What’ll we do?

LU: Is this like a school project?

FL:  No it’s an artistic collaboration.

LU: Let’s unwind a roll then, spend some time with it and allow it speak

     to us.

FL: What do you think a roll of unwound toilet paper will say?

LU: 200 individual sheets of softness.

FL:  Should we have more?

LU: We could have a mass of softness.

FL:  Lets bring in some Labrador puppies.

LU: Or Pugs.


Some other time in May 2008

LU:  I think it should be white.

FL: A white mass?

LU: A white mess.

FL: Only if we leave it in a big pile on the floor.

LU: We could tidy it up?

FL: Would that make it more like art?

LU: I don’t know but it would make me feel a bit more comfortable.


Sunday 6 July 2008, AM

LU: So, what are we doing?

FL: Going round in circles.

LU; In a big roll.


Sunday 6 July 2008, PM

FL: Looks like an LP.

LU: Yeah it does.


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